Reply To: Wanted! Guide for setting up and controlling Light with the Beoremote One/BT.

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There is also this training video:

You’re going to like the Hue bulbs and the BLI. You basically set up the bulbs in the Hue ios app, assign them to rooms, and create scenes of multiple bulbs. The BLI will import all of that information.

When you see in the Beoremote One Light list, e.g., “Morning,” “Away,” etc. Those are all just triggers that can be assigned to macros. For example, “Light Function 25” would be one trigger. I once made a list of what all of those Light Function commands were in the old forum and how they are assigned to names in the BR1 Light list. Of course, you can rename those entries that are in the Beoremote One Light list.

I’m like you in that I don’t like to use my phone to control the lights. There are quite a lot of options for control.

-You can use voice commands with Siri and Google. These do not require a BLI.

-Philips makes some options of wall buttons that can be assigned to the lights. In the U.S., there is even a plate that can go over your existing light control to provide what feels like a traditional toggle switch. Your wife might like that to get used to the new lights.

-The BLI provides many ways of integrating other system. For example, you can use Lutron keypads to control the lights/scenes. The Lutron Pico buttons are a simple and inexpensive controller.

-In addition to the Beoremote One, you can also put an Essence controller into “Light” mode to use the buttons to trigger BLI macros. If you have a Halo, in essential mode the BLI will automatically assign lights and scenes to the Halo. You need the Pro upgrade to be able to edit this in the BLI.

Knowing how passionate you are about B&O, I suspect that you will soon want the Pro mode to have more control and to get into the heart of the BLI. I’m here to help out if you have any questions!