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Thank you @Trackbeo.

Setting them up via Ethernet is next. Good news is that both speakers are working well. Glorious sound. I could even stream to both speakers individually via Bluetooth. Double Mono :-). And each one has established connectivity to the Wifi network. The issue is the last leg of Stereo Pairing. As soon as pairing starts the primary drops its Wifi connection. Even when you switch speakers. The Primary will drop. I can monitor connections on the Router. So at least there is some consistency.

Nevertheless, the B&O app and overall set up experience is just horrible. These speakers are heavily marketed as Wireless but not sure how many people use them in full Wireless mode due to the limitations.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the dealer set up … I bought them overseas and shipped them with me in boxes on a recent trip to Germany. Would have been too risky shipping them assembled.

I will keep you all you all updated.