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I don’t see any screw holes and I don’t want to go randomly prying.

I assume that you didn’t have any luck finding a service manual.

If you do have to resort to “randomly prying”, having the proper tools can make a difference. Pry tools like they sell at iFixIt can help getting stubborn devices open with minimal damage. The plastic pry bars are softer than many of the plastic cases.

When it comes to opening cases, everything is fair game. I’ve used everything from credit cards, to guitar picks, to painter’s pallet knives to get into devices.

When I don’t have any clues on the proper way to get something apart, I start with the spot that will be least noticeable if the device is damaged by opening. Some manufacturers are kind enough to design the initial pry point in a discrete location to help out the people servicing the device. YMMV.