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[[O.T. @matador, but I said that just to remind regular users to click the picture button!  The offensive are other forums (automotive) that thumbnail *all* pictures except to members.  (Oh, and also I thought that particular photo should be visible to non-members.  If it were, e.g, someone’s living room with daisy wallpaper or tightly-placed sofas, I would not “out” their choice to make it a members-only attachment.)  Some people just want to browse & don’t want to login.  Likewise my shading language about B&O’s Discord: I don’t want to “create a relationship” by giving my data to get to see (==join) a discord.  Related, it’s kind of a bummer that @Mikipedia decided to roll his own (which I don’t get to lurk/see) rather than participating here after the reboot.]]