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John from the Manchester store came to see my install, video the motorised bracket and hear how it has calibrated my speakers.

We watched scenes from Tenet and also Greatest Showman on UHD 4K Blu-ray as these were films he knows well as they are on B&O demo tracks.

We both were impressed, and agree performing better than storeroom demo.  The bass is so tuneful, balanced, punchy and can be both fast and slow.  Using BL17s as rears or surrounds works very well… more than enough match for the Theatre.  The Theatre has self-calibrated very well (remember to turn the slide off on the mic when you put the grill back on).  Found best calibration was with the room empty and the doors closed ie I was in the hallway with my iPad.

I would highly recommend for those event films you buy a Blu-ray, and for the occasional film stream in UHD.

I have worked out how to bring back in the side-firing Theatre speakers when they are greyed out, by first selecting virtualise, then change their role and then untick virtualise.

I have ordered Topgun Maverick on UHD 4K Blu-ray which is released in the UK in a week or so, so looking forward to a Topgun double film night in a few weekends time.

Lastly I remembered why I have set the Panasonic to PCM not Bitstream, some UHD discs are in Master DTS and not Atmos so I let the player decode and send a 7.1 uncompressed signal in to the Theatre, as DTS is not supported.  In truth not sure it really matters whether it is the player, the TV or the Theatre which does the sound processing… it sounds epic so I am now after a calendar week of tweaking settled with my settings and can enjoy the purchase.

Final nugget, I have realised my G2 65” TV has an annoying whistle from the top right case holes when in YouTube or the LG App… essentially whenever most of the screen background is black.  I assume a fan inside works harder and it pushes more air out.  I have asked the Manchester store to check their demo screens and if they don’t make this whistle replace my panel under warranty.