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One question — Is your Beoport connected to your MasterLink system? The advanced tab is mainly associated with the MasterLink.

I don’t have Masterlink connected, but it worked well previously without anything connected to the ML socket.

As you said when you registered a very long time ago via the registration URL it would have provided you with an encrypted username which is stored in the registry. So if you have a backup of your old system or of your old registry those items could be restored.

I just checked my registry backups and sadly they don’t go back far enough! 😟

Back in June 2018 I had to reinstall Beoport PC on a Windows 10 PC and it wouldn’t register. This was the  response from B&O support at the time.

Actually, that service has been discontinued some time ago. So instead kindly follow the below procedure:

– Exit Beoport SW (rightclick icon in taskbar)
– Please download this file and doubleclick it:
– Start Beoport SW

Regards Paul

Hi Paul – thanks for the input. Yes I saw that Registry fix in the old forum and have tried applying it with no success. I assume that they meant you to ‘Exit Beoplayer …’ because there is no specific Beoport SW.

Adding to Paul’s input the following are the registry entries

Yes my Registry entries match those!

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow … 🤔