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This is getting slightly out of topic but any real active topic on this small cosy forum is a good one right 😉

All knowledge shared here usually comes back to one elemental question, what B&O gear sounds better!

regarding your question, no I did not listen to an Edge in stereo myself. Getting an extra one would be possible in our living but it would be sure as hell pushing the limits it looking at size and decibels versus square meters! Before buying the Edge I watched all the video’s on youtube about it and in the comments some people stated using Edge in stereo and it should sound epic…just like A9 (John tested A9 in stereo and commented on it somewhere in one of his own video’s)

For me Edge is very lonely at the top design wise, I think it’s the best looking speaker compared to all the other Beolab and Beosound material. (The brass one, with Parisian Night Blue cover).

I have absolutely no experience with Google home, that’s needed for pairing Edges. But is bluetooth used for pairing,  wifi? And for example can you control a google home paired B&O stereo pair with the Halo, essence remote? Any limitations ?  I really dont know.


For me the Edge with Mozart upgrade and native stereo pairing would be a dream.
So B&O wants to do sustainable, start a Mozart upgrade program for Stage, Edge, A9 please!