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Thank you LeMirage for sharing your experience.

I find your comment about the BS-Edge very interesting and as I have mentioned in another post, I did consider to buy a pair myself but rejected the idea as I felt a pair of properly positioned BS-Edges would take too much space and also expose the speaker for possible accidents.

I also confirm what you wrote about paired BS-Balance. In my opinion, the bass takes too much of the signal register and you go missing som nice mid-range details.

Back to BS-Edge, unfortunately I couldn’t listen to a paired BS-Edge setting. Have you?

For know, and from my experience while listening to one BS-Edge, it probabaly is the most intersting speaker for the application I’m thinking of (if I rest the problem with palcement aside). I will try to listen to it paired. After all they are quite pricy and will most likely be discontinued soon and given that they are not Mozart based, no future updates can be expected, so it is a bit risky.