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I listened to the Edge and it only sounds great when positioned out.  I thought it lacking when positioned against the wall.  It is a big unit! so impractical for most people unless you have a mighty loft space or open plan room.  At the same time I tried an A9, which was well an truly beaten by the Edge in my blind back to back audition.

I considered the Edge for my Study, but I have decided on a small Shape setup.  I just have a bias against single speakers, and I cannot get past the need for 2 units for the stereo sound staging.  For example I have currently in my Study 2 x A1 Gen1 and these are much better than in the same room a single Echo Studio.

I also considered a Level for the Study and a Balance but the room is not big enough plus I go back to needing for my ears a pair of units so a Shape will be my next purchase.

Re the Shape, I also considered adding a Shape to my Lounge speaker setup because a large Shape setup or multiple smaller setups would be amazing in capability and sheer beauty of what is attached to the wall over in my opinion BL17 or BL28 and I suspect cheaper!