Reply To: Are “test records” usefull with Beograms?

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Our beograms do not have (unless I’m mistaken) a lot of (if any) adjustments beside tracking force. No azimuth, no anti skating, no “whatever it is named I don’t even know what it is”…

Eh, what?
Which model Beogram are you talking about?
The term azimuth is mainly used with tapedecks, but the angle of the cartridge (rotation and/or parallelism) can be adjusted in many Beogram models.
So can anti-skating, even if a knob or dial for this is not in direct view.

Test records are good for countless things.
Many of the following parameters and properties can be checked using
one or more test records, – and most can be adjusted or manipulated in some way;
Tonearm height, tonearm parallelism, tonearm rotation, (& tonearm length for tangential models), tracking angle, tracking force, anti-skating, platter speed, wow, flutter, rumble.
Also general stylus condition, channel separation, distortion, frequency response (stylus and RIAA) etc. can be checked using test records.