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Thanks Simon for your comment. It seems like most people only have good experience with BL17s and I will try to find a pair to carefully listen to although it will most likely become difficult as they have been discontinued for some time now.

Before I bought my Levels, I listened to a single BS-Level and a single BS-Balance and although Balance does have a bigger sound and able to convert more watts to waves (800 compared to 120), I would say that I like Level’s sound image better, which provides better separation and higher clarity while the bass produced by the BS-Balance is domineering and blurs out mid-range signals, in my opinion. I’m however not sure how they would compare in pairs but I must say that I’m happy with my BS-levels and addition of BL11, which compensates for the weaker BS-levle’s bass register. However, I’m trying to find a pair of speakers for a bigger room.

I have also done some careful listening to the theater and also it is a very capable speaker and has loads of possibilities, I beleive it needs ot be acompanied by several other speakers in order to provide a good listening sound image, which will become very expensive.

BS-Edge on the other hand seem to have both the power and the drivers to provide a big and clear sound image (despite its awkwardness in placement and lack of dynamic room adaptation processor).

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