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I’m not getting any voltage at the anode of D1. Well, I get some millivolts. I checked my multimeter on a 1.5v battery to make sure I was using it correctly, thought maybe my range setting was off.


R26 right beside it goes to ground, and also R2. I measured from the anode of D1 to ground. Cathode to ground gave me nothing, as expected.


But this coincides with the symptoms of the TT , as it won’t even power on.


Is there another safety device in the 5500 TT besides the fuse? I wonder if the mechanical gear resistance took something out.


I plan to replace caps C2 ( 470uF 16v ) and C28 ( 2.2 uF 50v ) but need to order them.


I’m curious about the solenoid: pics below. It appears to be ok to me? The inside piece with 2 plastic ends & magnet in the middle is intact & slides freely. So I don’t think I need to rebuild it? Unless there is something else in there?

Thanks again


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