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As an owner of 3 sets of BL17, I am a big advocate for these often dismissed/overlooked speakers, plus I prefer them to BL18, even though the BL18s outsold the BL17 10 to 1.

BL17 are so tuneful, plus are so accurate, but also versatile, especially for their size.  You can use them for any music or role in a movie surround setup, and they never get close to what they can manage.  Also the build quality is impressive… they are heavy beefy units.

For their size they punch well above their weight.

I use four (2 x FL + 2x FR) for music with a BL19 and would say I prefer this for music than my Beosound Theatre.

I have tried a pair of BL17 in a direct sound comparison with a pair of Levels and a pair of Balance.  To my ears the BL17 sit above the Level and below the Balance in capability and sound quality… but the Balance looks hideous on the wall and the Level’s weakness is the wall mount with power connector is not a strong physical connection to the wall; plus they can distort when played hard.

I can see the Level becoming the new choice for surround speakers (because of cost, size and frankly there is nothing new else out there) but remember you get what you pay for and BL17 are close to 1.5 x the cost of a pair of Levels.  Just look at the specs, their is no comparison… the BL17 are a true BeoLab speaker and the Level is a portable speaker.

2 x 4” woofer drivers 1 x 2” full range drivers 2 x 0.8” tweeter
2 × 30 W class D for woofer 1 × 30 W class D for full range 1 × 15 W class D for tweeter
39 – 23000 Hz
Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m 96 dB SPL
Bass Capability 79 dB SPL


Beolab 17:
1 x 3/4″ tweeter 1 x 6″ woofer High frequency driver: ¾” dome drivers with off-set placement 1 x 160 watt class D tweeter 1 x 160 watt class D woofer
31 – 24,000 Hz
Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL) 106 dB SPL
Bass Capability 90 dB SPL



2 x 5,25” woofer drivers 2 x 3” fullrange drivers 2 x 2” full range drivers 1 x ¾” tweeter
2 x 200 watt class D for bass 2ohm 2 x 100 watt class D for fullrange 4ohm 2 x 100 watt class D for fullrange 4ohm 1 x 50 watt class D for tweeters 6ohm
26 – 23,000 Hz
Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m 104 dB SPL

Bass Capability 88 dB SPL