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The one thing I would say is that we know they are working on allowing / making possible other standalone products as surround sound speakers i.e. with a Theatre. As part of this. sync issues must be sorted by necessity. What we dont know is whether older products (on the ASE platform – like BS1 / 2, A9, M3 etc etc) will gain this ability / benefit or whether its just the newer Mozart enabled speakers (Level, Balance etc). I wouldn’t expect anything on this front for 9 months though.

Yes, there are different levels of integration and sync.

  1. Those associated directly with the Theatre and surround sound distribution which can be wired, WISA or potentially (future) Mozart. This has to be perfect to be rolled-out by B&O. I hear it is coming – as is a RJ45 BS Balance.
  2. Those older products which are dotted around the house and not associated with the surround sound. I believe both old and new products around the house can pick-up on TV audio NOW via the BeoApp but there will be an environmental delay based on distance.

I would assume that in a open room living-room/kitchen with the Theatre, Mum listening to TV on a BS1 in the kitchen (why would she?), dad in the office to the side of the kitchen listening to TV with an Essence and little Johnny upstairs on the upstairs Landing reading a book with a BS2, could not reasonably listen to the TV audio with ALL products in sync.

The environmental (distance, walls) delays would be too much unless each individual product plays their part in timing and each have a coordinated clock internally.