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Originally, a special tool was available in order to align the spindles position.
This tool is nowhere to be found, so in most cases a careful check for free spinning of the spindle is all we can do to get it right.
The coil block and the two plates holding the bearings can be moved in relation to each other.
It’s not a lot, actually very little, but even an ever so tiny move could result in a much more free rotating spindle. As can a little wiggling of the spindle to make bearings run “clean” on their inside races axially rather than rub on edges.
Rotate the spindle by hand, and watch the run down time. The spindle should run for as many seconds as possible.

The motor will normally run a little warm after some minutes, but not hot.
If it runs hot there is something run. Has its coils been correctly electrically connected (in series and not parallel etc.)?


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