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Thanks for the write up, very informative.

Can I ask a quick question re controlling Sky Q. I am presuming you are using a PUC cable between the Theatre and the Q box to allow Beoremote 1 control.

When you have Sky Q selected as an input, and are watching, does the Guide button on the remote control actually bring up the Sky guide/planner? Or, as my dealer tells me, does pressing Guide actually pull up the internal tuner TV guide? and therefore, to access the Sky planner requires a few button presses (I think Home/Menu on the BR1 and then finding the guide function from a list of commands)

I ask as am thinking of moving to a Theatre setup, from an older BV12-65 setup – and in my current setup, if I am watching Sky pressing Guide on the BR1 works as it should, and brings up the Sky guide/planner.

What my dealer describes would seem like a backwards step integration wise, but am looking for someone to confirm.

Sorry for the question, but as someone with a Theatre and Sky, I was hoping to get some clarity.

Otherwise, congratulations on the set up.