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Everything is working however I will be writing to B&O support, because there is a problem with the mic calibration and what can be edited in the app.

I have an odd room layout of sofas which in my Eclipse I could fix in the edit… I have a BL17 behind and above the Theatre which was in the Eclipse set to Centre Hight, but this role does not exist in the Theatre.   NB. a few of the roles in the Harmony/Eclipse are not in the Theatre e.g. Wide, CH, CB, Ceiling etc.  Now I can work around that as I assume they were not recognised Atmos roles but TrueImage roles.  Shame though as not now as per the latest BeoVision TSG.

Problem when using the mic is it picks this speaker up as Front Right and does not use the FR in the Theatre.  In the edit I can reassign the BL17 but I cannot edit the Theatre roles assigned by the mic, so now I am missing a FR.  I cannot understand why the app does not let you edit the Theatre roles when connected with other speakers.  Only if you only select the Theatre on its own can you edit these.  My fix is to not select this specific speaker when running the calibration.

To use all 4 x BL17s or all 6 x BL17s (when I open up the portion doors where I have another set of BL17 set to be Back Left & Right in my Atmos listening position), with my BL19 I have to set these as their own group (without the Theatre) and only for music.

Another thing to remember is it is very easy to delete your initial stand position and then create new groups but now the stand does not move until you recalibrate the stand.  Would be great to have a ‘save changes’ or ‘exit without saving’ option if you change your mind, because I did this a few times after the installers left… even called them to come back as I thought I couldn’t fix it myself, but with patience I got there on my own.

We also worked out why on Friday we lost the Sky Q and Apple TV… the 4K HDMIs in the wall from the Eclipse Gen 2 install were reused (2 years old) but these were not 10bit compatible with the Sky Q, despite being advertised they were, so today all the HDMIs were replaced.  In total, and I know I am one of the first motorised wall brackets globally installed in a residential home it took 1.5 days to get to where I am at, so learning for the installer and me.  They were great and showed patience, but with every B&O product I have they have never worked perfectly from the start… every time I have needed the installers to come back; I acknowledge usually because I have played and altered a setting but for what I have spent they should be bullet proof and fully user acceptance tested.

Finally, despite assurance the bracket plate is identical as the bracket for the Eclipse, it is not the same, so you cannot reuse the same holes if you are going for the same size TV.  The Eclipse had 14 holes but the Theatre has 13 holes but spaced narrower together.  In my case in the same space a 65” fits where was once a 55”, so expected filing and repainting.

Whilst I remember, would have been nice that the Beoremote changes ‘Speaker’ to ‘Listening Position’, so matches app.  Also that you can also use the stand option, as it only has ‘Manual Control’.  There are time when I want a different combination to those combined ‘Listening Positions’ created in the app.

It sounds like I am only moaning, but I can appreciate the more powerful sound especially how the Centre channel is so much clearer.  I do think it could have had more PUCs and an extra HDMI as the eARC uses one, so I have needed to put my UHD into the LG G2 to use the universal control HDMI-CEC, but as the pass through is now the reverse path, for some unknown reason it doesn’t recognise Atmos via bitstream and so still needing to use PCM to get 7.1. From the Panasonic DP-UB820EB.

Photos to follow asap.