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Thanks Mr10Percent for your comment. I have experienced the problem you mention, yet in the case of laptops, they are smarter and simply don’t charge, or let you know that the charger is not strong enough or both. In the case of simpler devices, they don’t, as it seems ot be the case for BS-A1. You are however right and the weird light signal (while charging) is almost certainly dependent on a non-compliant charging device.It is however curious as BS-A1 doesn’t come with a model specific charger but only a cable and should therefore be compatible with any USB-charger.

My charger devices (both the transmitter and receiver) should at least theoretically be compatible with any USB-charging device.

I’m using a wireless charging receiver ( and a Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Chargingpad.

I will try to charge my BP-H9i, as well as BS-Emerge and BS-level (they are all equiped with a USB-C adaptor) and will add the information on this post later tonight.