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I’m really glad you raised this topic. I’ve been wondering myself about the best placement and roles of various beolabs.

My current plan is to use the Theatre for the center and front L and R. Use Beolab 9s for front wides. Have a BL2 in the front area. Use Beolab 1s for the surrounds. Use Beolab 6000s for rears, and use a total of x4 Beolab 4000s for front hight and rear hight speakers.

My condo is a New York-style loft with very high ceilings. Therefore, placing the height speakers on the actual ceiling is not possible. I’m attaching 4000s to a mezzanine in the front and 4000s near the top of a partial wall in the rear. Something nice about the 4000s is the flexibility of positioning the speakers to be directed toward the seating area.

I’ve wondered if the front wide position and role is the best use for my 9s.

I’ve also wondered if the BL2 should be moved to the back since the Theatre and 9s have such low bass.

I think that the surround position is good for the BL1 speakers. I recall some discussions suggesting that BL1s are nice for rear speakers due to their very height. However, now that we can have actual height speakers, I think that the height of the BL1s might make them unsuitable for rear speakers that would be so close to the seating area.

I’ve also wondered if replacing my Beolab 6000s as rear speakers with BL3s as the rears might be better — especially considering that the sofa blocks the lower half of the 6000s.

Finally, I’ve wondered if using certain speakers could downgrade the performance of the rest of the speakers if the Theatre somewhat adjusts other speakers’ performance down to accommodate the lower common denominator of weaker speakers. For example, I have an unused pair of BL4s, but I don’t know if I would want to use those for ANY role.

I hope this subject brings up some interesting discussion.