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It is up on the wall, and the motorised bracket is much beefier and quieter than the Eclipse.  We are having some teething problems and so the Manchester stores is back to me on Monday AM to finish.

It is not calibrated yet but I can confirm the step up from 55” to 65” is great for viewing and even better doesn’t seem to fill the wall much more because of the Eclipse’s over hanging Soundcenter.

I won’t lie I was upset last night because it didn’t get finished in a day, more so that it won’t be until Monday; but it was a day of learning for the installers and a learn for me to never agree a Friday install again.

A little nugget for you I went to see John today in the Manchester store and he had his filming equipment out so whilst he didn’t confirm he was making a video, I expect a posting soon.

I will also offer John to film mine as the bracket mechanism is a joy also good for people to understand what to do when your room is not the perfect shape.  The mic calibration was not assigning all my speakers to the roles I expected.

…Long story short, please have patience and I will reveal my setup very soon.