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One thing I learend from this forum (or atually the previosu one that is now archived) is that the choice of best speaker depends on lots of vairables but most imporntantly one’s preferences. We all have our favorite speakers and whether a Bosound 8 is the best or a BL18 is the subject for never ending discussions.

Personally I’m happy with all B&O speakers I’ve ever bought but if I could wish for a new device, I would wish for an updated NL/ML so it could become NL/ML/MCL compatible so you could connect a Beogram (or any MCL unit) directly through a DIN contact to your system, regardelss of the system.

B&O used to be about simple and elegant integration allowing you to devleop a system that works for you. That integration I mention is of course possible but only if you get yourself quite a few boxes  to enable all the necessary system transitions, like I did, of course, with loads of help from many of  you guys in this forum. It still took me several months to find all the required units and althoug the Solution does the job, It can’t be called elegant, not to mention tjhe fact that I need to hide most of the boxes as although many of them are beautifully made, they are not compatible in size and/or form.

Basically I wish they could sell us a box that included the commande unit of BM-65000 (or 4500 or 7000 , …, so it could communicate with a Beogram or Becord), a BLC, a NL/ML, and, a Beolink power box, a ML-delay box so the DSP-delay problem could be remedied, and finally a WISA transmitter. Since wihses are free, I also need the solution to be based on Mozart platform!


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