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My install is happening today.  It will be the first motorised wall bracket for the Manchester store.  I am moving from an Eclipse Gen 2 55” to a Theatre with a LG G2 65”.  Interestingly the actual physical size difference is minimal due to the protruding beyond the screen soundcenter on the Eclipse.  Hoping the increase in screen size will be epic for movies but not too overwhelming for general TV.

I will add pictures once it is up and running.

As I have it I will be connecting my BeoLab 19 subwoofer (moving to wired from WiSA as I experience nightly momentary drop outs where the sub stops, flashes red and then immediately green and is playing again 5 seconds later, I tried different locations in my room but it still happen most nights between 10 PM and 11 PM, so my neighbours or something in my house is causing this), along with my 3 x sets of BeoLab 17 speakers for surrounds & height on WiSA (rock solid connection, so assume the radio is better on these than the BL19).