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Which speaker cables for Beovox RL 140's? And why?

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4L86 posted on Mon, Mar 24 2014 3:52 AM

Setup: Beovox RL 140's to Beomaster 3000

I was suggested to use 2-pin DIN cables with both male and female plugs but I don't like the idea of the plugs sticking out from the sides of the speakers.

Would the cables with 2-pin DIN male plugs on one end and bare cables on the other end (for the red and black inputs) work the same?

I just like the idea that the cables wouldn't show with this setup.


Beogram 3000 5903 with MMC-3

Beomaster 3000 2933

Beovox RL 140's

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Yes, the posts on the rear and the DIN connectors on the sides are connected together internally so either will work equally well.

If you are using the red and black posts you need to ensure you connect your speaker wires the same way round on both speakers - if the speaker wires are not colour coded, look for a stripe or row of + signs or other markings on one of the two cores of the cable and connect this core to the red terminal, then do the same with the other speaker / speaker cable (this ensures the two speakers are in phase with each other)

Connecting the speakers the wrong way round will not harm the speakers in any way, but if they are not connected the same way as each other they will be working against each other and this will have an adverse effect on the sound quality.

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