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BBC You & Yours and Hi Res Recording

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Peter Posted: Fri, Mar 7 2014 6:30 PM

Who else heard he hilarious programme on 6/3/2014? Article on hi res recordings with a sound recordist and another expert. A CD standard recording was played and then the hi res version. For the first two recordings they were told which was which and they waxed lyrically about the increased depth and detail.

They were then played a third track - which the sound recordist had actually recorded himself for the BBC. The presenter and the two experts confidently stated that the first recording was clearly the HD track - all wrong!! I laughed and laughed - best programme I have heard in years!! Big Smile


paul 00
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paul 00 replied on Fri, Mar 7 2014 7:42 PM

Just heard this,you are spot on very funny, I could not hear much difference between the tracks expect on the last one where I preferred the  the CD version !.

Think I must have coth ears not golden ears!

Its all about the music.

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