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BG tangential - Grease for the rails

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Steffen posted on Mon, Apr 23 2012 11:30 PM

Can somebody please tell me what grease to use for the rails for horizontal movement on these turntables. I have heard about some silicone-grease - is there a specific brand/type? And where can I buy it?

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Step1 replied on Mon, Apr 23 2012 11:59 PM

No grease Steffan, I use a teflon lube, the delivery fluid of which evaporates so as not to trap dust etc. I should imagine silicon would also be fine.


Søren Mexico
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I'm using an of the rack silicone grease (Steren), I found this one in DK,  dont buy Lithium greases they may destroy polymer materials.


Ball bearing in rotating airport beacons, heater fans, electric clocks, watt hour meters and recording meters are principal applications of this grease. This grease is also used to lubricate anti-friction bearing in oven-fans, timer motors, textile slashers and driers, drier motors, induction draft units, plastic gears and cones in small appliances, ball and socket disconnect switches, swivel-joint packing, valve stems, continuous weighing equipment & automotive distributor pad joints. In all of these applications, the grease ensures long life and trouble free service with a minimum of maintenance and re-lubrication.

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Michael Sean
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Hello Steffen:

I've done quite a bit of research on this issue as I have far too many of the later tangential BeoGrams.

The service manuals for these units (I refer to them as the TX2's and later) call for Barrierta L5512 for use on the polished slide rails and other lubrication points . Interestingly, I've concluded that there is a slight typo here as there is not available a L5512 but rather a Barrierta L55/2 which is part of the Barrierta L55 series 1 through 3. It appears that the slash (/) was misrepresented as a 1 in the service manual.

Nonetheless, Barrierta L55/2 is known as a Polyfluoropolyether (PFPE) PTFE synthetic Grease.

Unfortunately, I was unable to source any Barrierta L55/2 in affordable quantities if at all. However, in comparing all of the many specifications for the Barrierta L55 series greases, I found an almost identical product in Dupont's Krytox GPL series greases - most importantly, the plastic friendly aspect and a PFPE PTFE lightweight synthetic grease. A thorough specifications comparison of the many available variations brought me to the Dupont Krytox GPL 203 or GPL 204.

These are available in as little as 2 ounce quantities and sell here in the USA for approximately $45.00 per 2 ounce tube.

And then there is eBay. As one would expect, there are many grades of Krytox GPL series greases available for sale on eBay in accessible quantities. I see GPL 205 but no GPL 203 or GPL 204 as of late. The GPL 205 may be fine but I would not want to put anything too "heavy" on these rails for fear of slowing things down a bit.

I did find this Krytox GPL 203 comparable on eBay under a Krytox search and purchased some. I can say conclusively, that I do believe it is as good as Krytox and is manufactured by a very reputable manufacturer and is available by the seller "worldwide" and for a great price. It is described in the posting as "BEL-RAY Brand PFPE #2 - PTFE Thickened Perfluoropolyether Grease (Similar to Dupont Krytox GPL-203". Here is the link:

I used this recently on a TX2 and it is perfect and very slick. I also used it on my BeoGram CD5500 on both the cylindrical slide rails and the tray pin (plastic to metal) contact point. Again, it worked great and smoothed the tray action beautifully. I apply it with a small brush.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Michael - USA

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Steffen replied on Tue, Apr 24 2012 11:35 PM

Thank You all for your replies. Now I have something to choose from...Yes - thumbs up


Søren Hammer
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I'm using standard acid-free sewing machine oil for my spindles Smile

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Dillen replied on Wed, Apr 25 2012 10:03 PM

For the rails, I use silicone grease, not unlike the product Søren Mexico links to (only mine is clear rather than white).
For the threaded shafts (Beogram 400x/6006/800x) I have started using a product sold on
as "liquid bearing". It's a 100% synthetic lubricant, mainly teflon, no oil or grease and no solvents.
It neither evaporates nor dries, it doesn't attack plastics, has a nice low friction and it doesn't tend to hold
on to quite as much dust and dirt as the conventional products.
It lubricates both metal and plastic parts as well as any combination.
I have used acid-free oil previously with great results. I used a type meant for aviation instruments.
Sewing machine oil may work too, the important thing is to get a product that doesn't evaporate as quickly as
some of the cheap "everyman", household products tend to do.


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