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Beolab 8000 - Mark I, Mark II, Mark III or Mark IV?

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JKK posted on Mon, Jan 27 2014 1:23 PM

Dear All,

I am about to purchase a pair of used Beolab 8000 speakers. These are often, by sellers and in forums, referred to as being Mark I, Mark II, Mark III or Mark IV. As I have understood the “Marks” indicates a change in the speaker’s technical specification. Please, could you clarify when these changes occurred (which year or, preferably, from which serial no) and which change relates to which “Mark”. Any comments in this matter would be much appreciated and help me in my purchase.  

Kind regards,


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There's a MKI and a MKII version.

The MKII has a Bass Update, and has a little bit better bass response.

I have both types. I like the MKII's better, because they are newer, and I paid more for them, but I don't know how big the difference really is. I have never done a real comparision.

8000 MKII has been replaced by Beolab 8002 in 2010. Never listened to one of those, people say there's no difference to a MKII 8000



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Lenny replied on Mon, Jan 27 2014 2:56 PM

They updated the Beolab 8000 in 1994. That was the first change. As far as I know the next change was in 2003 with the mentioned bass update. Therfore every 8000 produced after 2003 is a MK II Version.

I got a pair of 1999 produced 8000 and I'm very happy with them. Good sound, but I think I will get a Beolab 11 to get a bit more bass later this year.

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