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Spotify free and Beosound 5

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Solex posted on Thu, Dec 12 2013 12:38 PM

On the Beosound 5 you need Spotify Premium to use it. On 10-12-2013 Spotify has a new service and you can use it for free (with some restrictions) on all mobile devices.

Can I cancel the premium account and use the new introduced free account?

On the Ipad and PC its working fine, but on the Beosound 5 Spotify is still telling that service is only available on Premium account. 

Beovision 10-46, Beo6, Beosound 5+ Beomaster 5, Beolab 12.2, Beolab 12.3, Beocom 6000

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Stan replied on Wed, Dec 18 2013 5:44 AM

I assume when it says you need a premium account, it means you need a premium account.  I believe other home music devices (sonos) also have this requirement.


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I assume when it says you need a premium account, it means you need a premium account.

Or it might just be a leftover from earlier instructions, written before the Spotify terms changed. I first read about that just now, and installed the Spotify app on my old Nokia N8 (never tried before, as I only have the free account) and it worked straight away. Which is nice because now I can listen to Spotify on any radio with the builtin FM transmitter of the phone Big Smile

Remembering this is the old Symbian app that hasn't been updated for at least a year (so all the "enabling", for the lack of a better word, has happened at the Spotify service end, not the player), it's certainly worth a try on the BS5 as well!

EDIT: Argh, the OP already said that he tried. Sorry, I suppose it doesn't work then Sad


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I wouldn't want to listen to anything less than Spotify PREMIUM on a B&O setup.


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Suggested by rmclachlan

As far as I know only Spotify premium gives high quality streamed audio, so I am not sure why you would want to use a free account for your Beosound 5 if the quality would be lower.

Kirby Diver
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I see that there is a new update for Qplay added to the list on the Bang and olufsen site. Has anyone managed to get this working. My system still says 0% downloading.

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