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Beogram 8000 vibrating tonearm & general upgrading

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CD7000 posted on Tue, Apr 10 2012 7:19 AM
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Hello all,

I recently upgraded the delaminating tacho disk and all caps on my imported BG8000 (thanks to the replacement packs from Dillen).

I now find after the toil that these were not the only issues.  When the tonearm slides along the back of the platter, it vibrates excessively even when new lubricant is applied.  The tonearm belt is loose so that will need replacement. 

More worrying, the threaded rod that moves the arm is bent/warped.  Has anyone ever had this issue before and can it be rectified ? or will I need to source and old (parts) BG 8000/8002/6000 and cannibalise some parts?



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Dillen replied on Tue, Apr 10 2012 7:28 AM


The tonearm belt is loose so that will need replacement. 

Don't be so sure. It mustn't be too tight, a little lose is better than too tight.
If the torque is transferred and the carriage moves fine, then leave it there.

The vibration could easily be caused by the bent threaded rod.
You can take it out and see if you can straigten it.
Note : In some 60Hz versions of these Beograms, the rod is of a different thickness
than the european versions so make sure, if you replace it, to get a correct type.


Søren Mexico
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Take the Rod to a mechanics workshop and have them straighten it, easy job, or send it to me in Mexico and I do it for free Laughing

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