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Quality of Beosound 9000

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Rivenflush posted on Fri, Sep 6 2013 2:52 PM


I have recently been thinking about acquiring a used Beosound 9000 but after reading this thread about CD problems with the Beosund 9000 I am a little reluctant:

What is really the quality of the Beosound 9000? The impression that I get from this thread is that buying an MK1 is out of the question and for a MK2 the laser will have to be replaced every 5 years.

(and getting an MK3 is out of the question as that laser is not manufactured anymore and B&O has the only ones left in stock).

Is the quality of the Beosound 9000 really that bad?

Best regards,

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Barry Santini
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Take a look at a BS 9000 and a Moment side by side, and you will see the difference between an icon and bullshit.

Met my first Moment up close last nite. The tablet is really beautifully made, and the materials have that BnO gestalt.

Glad I ordered one!

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marexy replied on Wed, Nov 18 2015 12:47 PM

i have MK1 and MK2

MK1 ( one working ) 2 units to be repaired.

MK2 working.

no difeerence when of the line units.

for me the B & O icons of all time.

moreover, Beosound  2500, 2300, and  BEOLAB 8000

All newer units do not have (mojo) to become an icon.

ok..maybe Beolab 5 and BL 18

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RaMaBo replied on Wed, Nov 18 2015 4:29 PM


i've done the upgrade of my BS9000 MK1. It's just to replace the original EPROM chip with a new one containing the new version. Nothing will change after this except that it understands and controls NetRadio and NetMusic delivered by the BeoMedia1 (or 5) which is connected via Masterlink.

The AUX connector is still available for other devices.


Has anyone done the software upgrade? I understand the part is simply a chip that needs to be replaced, are there any other procedures for install?



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