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Serenata problem with the alarm

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mViper posted on Fri, Sep 6 2013 7:39 AM


My Name is Michael and I found a Serenata for me to use as daily alarm in the morning.

The Problem at the moment, sometimes the alarm does not work.
Well, the displays shows the alarm screen (with the bell,...) but... silence.
The phone freezes (some kind of)?!
At this moment ("silent" alarm) the phone does not react pressing buttons (usually the button in the middle of the wheel stops the alarm like the red button). Only the red button brings the phone back to normal.
With my own music and with the standard files.
Yes, the speaker is visible and works before and after the alarm.
Sometimes an alarm set short before or after works fine, sometimes it does not work 5 times in order,...?!

Maybe someone here knows this problem.
I would hate the idea not to use the Serenata as every morning alarm :-(

Thanks in advance,

   Michael (-:

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