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Beolab 6000's & beolab 11 VS beolab 3

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Chaka posted on Sat, Aug 31 2013 2:53 PM



Great combination.  The 6000's have effortless mid-range & a crisp high, if you tweak them.  Lacking in the lab 3's.  If you're running a sub, I think that set up kills lab 3's...  Any comments or experience?  I found the lab 3's lacking (massively) in mid-range......................  They may have more punch, but thge 6000's with a 11 sound airy and sexy.  The best speaker in looks is the 8000;s.  Like the Concorde.  Looks like they were made 6 months ago.  Sheesuz!  Every bad recording on any B&O speaker sounds like shite!!!  All the best oo xx

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Well, I have a pair of BL3s with a BL11 and they sound great.  I am listening right now to Steely Dan's Everything Must Go and the sound is very present.  Voices are clear and the instruments sound very well defined.  The BL11 complements the sound very well, making it sound more "rounded˜ and complete.  I have never heard the 6000s and so cannot compare the setups, by what I can say is that I am extremely happy with my system. 

By the the say, the speakers are linked directly to an OPPO 105, which is acting as CD Player, DAC for and IPOD Classic and preamp for the speakers.

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chartz replied on Sat, Aug 31 2013 4:33 PM


The 6000's have effortless mid-range & a crisp high, if you tweak them.  

What did you do? Confused



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