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Beo 3300 - turntable

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Tcuervo posted on Mon, Aug 12 2013 9:56 AM



I am quite new to all of this so apologies in advance for my ignorance. 

I have recently purchased a Beomaster 3300 with a phonograph.

The 3300 appears to be in great working order, the only issue I am having that although the phonograph does work it is incredibly quiet through the speakers. I have to have the 3300 volume on '80' just to hear it. 

Does anyone know why this may be? 


Thank you in advance.



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Are you plugging the turntable into the "phono" socket on the amplifier?

Regards Graham

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Hi thanks for the response. 

Yes there are 3 sockets on the back of the be03300 im plugging it into the socket marked PH. 

There is sound coming through the speakers but I have to have the volume on full.

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stefan replied on Mon, Aug 12 2013 3:00 PM

Sounds like the RIAA preamp is missing in your BM3300. And that`s it what Graham is thinking too, I guess...

Are all other sources, RADIO, CD...working properly?

Is it possible to control the BG33000 via remote?

Does your BG sound the same if you plug it to let`s say A.TAPE?

What happens, when your system is in standby mode and you press start on your BG?

Usually BS3300 has a RIAA preamp built into the BM3300, BG3300 does not have a RIAA.

Systems like BS4500, 6500, 7000 got a RIAA built into the turntable (BG 4500, 6500, 7000..)

These systems have a PHONO socket without RIAA.

And your description let me think there is no RIAA at all..?




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Tcuervo replied on Tue, Aug 13 2013 11:17 AM

Thanks for all the advice, I had my mate come round with his turntable last night and we plugged it into the beomaster 3300. It worked fine so as far as I can tell the preamp is inbuilt and working fine. 

I tried plugging the Beograph into the CD and TP connections but it didn't work at all.

There is a b&o specialist in Newcastle I was going to give them a call at lunch, id love to get it working :) 

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