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Different color options on speaker grilles for the BL2000?

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Peter posted on Fri, Aug 9 2013 12:54 PM

Hi all,

I have a Beolab 2000 placed in a corner of our bathroom and it's sounds great considering the size and probably with a little help with the acoustics of the bathroom..

However, I find the gray color a little dull.

Was there ever any other option of colors on the speaker grilles?

Is it easy to remove them ( to have them painted) and replace them? ( I would rather stick to having the "original" with another color from B&O if possible though..)




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JC replied on Fri, Aug 9 2013 1:26 PM

Just the grey as far as I as I am aware Peter.

Think spraying will just block the very small holes. Why not try and recover in speaker cloth in your colour choice?



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The grilles are really easy to remove, They just slide up and then off. You need to start them off by using a flat blade or credit card to squeeze between the bottom of the front of the speaker and the grille, you twist it and the grill moves up allowing you to get your fingers behind the little fold at the top and carefully pull it up.

I bought a second hand Beolab 2000 a while back where the grilles were dented and discoloured. I took them off, rolled them over some very firm foam with a rounded metal shaper to rub out the dents then sprayed them with automotive paint from the local dealer. They came up as new. I have never seen the grilles sold separately but you may be able to order them from B&O.

The paint will only fill the holes if you are not careful or need to use loads of coats to cover the colour you have. For me, I used the very shiny silver that they put on alloy wheels and it looks great as it only needed a  few passes to change the colour. If you spray it on too thick it will run and block the holes but being metal if you make a mistake you can strip the paint using paint stripper, put an undercoat then use whatever colour you like.


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