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Connection question! Help needed...

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beopiranha posted on Thu, Mar 29 2012 9:20 PM

Hi forum friends,

I have a fitted kitchen with all cabeling behind the wall.   My current setup : BS 9000 with BL 4000s. I'm using Airport Express for music streaming. I have a plasma screen without speakers. That means i use audio out of my sat receiver to get the sound for the tv. Airport Express and Sat receivers audio out connected to A. Aux of BS 9000 and everything is in function perfectly.

I will get Beovision 7-40 MK1 next week. I'm sure that I'll not face any problem with new setup apart from DVD sound. 

Now the question is, if my A.aux port is busy with Airport Express and Sat receivers audio out and if i can not connect my beovision direct to 4000s because of 9000, how can i get dvd sound ? what kind of options i have?

Note : I installed one free powerlink cable and one ML cable behind the wall and i can use them also for tv connection.

I hope I could impress my problem. I appreciate your comments.

Have a nice evening...



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Hiort replied on Fri, Mar 30 2012 3:55 PM


Suggested setup:

BV7 and BS9000 masterlinked.

BL4000 connected to the BV7.

When you play DVD (assume you have the DVD in your BV7), this will give you sound through your speakers.

When you play CD on the BS9000, the masterlink will ensure the sound is routed through your BL4000.

Your SAT box should be connected with HDMI to BV7 I assume, so you will have sound that way.






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