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Deleting saved songs from Memory on a 3200.

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steve88 posted on Sun, Apr 21 2013 7:56 AM

Just wondering if anyone knows how to delete the internal memory on a 3200 without doing it song by song? would like to delete all of the tracks at once. Many thanks Steve

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pf85 replied on Sun, Apr 21 2013 9:05 AM

Not sure you can delete all CDs at once.

otherwise I would go to CD MEM, select CD by colour and number and then DELETE and once more DELETE. You may need to push GO as well, but not sure...

That should delete one CD completely

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One can only delete one stored CD at a time from the Beosound 3200 hard drive.

I was told by a B&O employee in 2004 that this was to avoid an accidental "purge" of all stored music. I have since deleted a few stored albums from our BS 3200, and it is a relatively easy process.

Of course then I discovered that once I did this, I discovered I no longer had a few of the original music CD's. They may have been borrowed, broken, or misplaced. So if you delete, keep this in mind.

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