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BeoPlay (H3) Gripe! Mixed feelings over here...

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Earle posted on Sat, Apr 13 2013 4:06 AM

So, it was only last night that I got wind of the new earphones. Least to say, I'm quite excited, but only for the H3 model. The H6 doesn't really interest me since I've got my trusty Form 1's and Sennheiser HD25's... but that's another story. Naturally, I dove right into various articles to try and get the suggested price for these not-yet-released earphones. This got me thinking...

When I first heard about B&O's plans for a BeoPlay line, I was intrigued and excited! From what I understood, it was going to be a sort of experimentally designed line of products that was intended to be a kind of stepping stone, entry-level line of AV equipment. That said, I actually don't know what to say about it anymore. So far, the only BeoPlay product worth getting (IMHO) would be the A9. But even then, I prefer my BeoSound 1 - not to mention that it didn't cost nearly as much as the A9.

Now I'm not rich, so owning a B&O TV was on par with the hopes of owning a supercar (a bit dramatic, I know). However, when I found out there would be a BeoPlay TV, I felt more optimistic about making my hopes of owning a B&O TV a reality. So I raced to my B&O store to check it out. When I got there, all I thought was, "man... that's ugly!" What's more is that the price point isn't too far off from a TV from the traditional B&O line.

What's going on here?! Am I totally missing something? I totally get that BeoPlay has something to do with the "portable" lifestyle and blah blah blah. But there were plenty of "portable" lifestyle products within the traditional B&O line before BeoPlay even existed (Serenata, Serene, BeoSound 1, Form 2, A8, BeoSound 2, BeoSound 6, etc... although some were bad products). Maybe I just got the wrong impression of what BeoPlay represents. But as far as the H3's are concerned, if they really end up being the prices I'm seeing, I think I'd rather get another pair of A8's. What a joke! It's almost like if the Porsche Boxter cost more than owning a 911.

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I agree with you regarding the B&O Play TV. It's just too industrial looking. I'm not even really sure how a lower-priced TV fits into the mobile lifestyle, either. I think B&O Play should just stick to mobile audio and wi-fi/bluetooth computer media distribution products. If anything, the Playmaker should have been part of the B&O Play line because of its lower-priced, white plastic look.

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