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Beosystem 3 with a Panasonic monitor - TH-50PF20

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frog posted on Wed, Mar 27 2013 2:00 PM



I'm trying to use this Panasonic monitor with my Beosystem 3 but unfortunately, it will not switch on or off. It worked fine with my previous Panasonic monitor - a 50PH9 (if I remember correctly). I thought it may be my wiring of the cable, so I bought a B&O RS232 cable and it still doesnt work.

The Options menu says that the monitor is a Non-B&O monitor (as you would expect) but changing it to a B&O monitor setting still doesnt resolve the issue. I suspect that the Beosystem interrogates the screen, decides it doesn't know what it is and therefore doesnt send any commands to switch on or off via the serial port.

Can anyone help me with any idea of how I can get the Beosystem 3 to send the commands? The monitor will respond correctly to the same commands used by the B&O monitors.


Best regards

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