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Avant 32, BeoCenter 2 and Sky+

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RichyW posted on Sat, Mar 23 2013 3:47 PM

Not sure what on earth I have done here, but clearly I have upset something!

I have an Avant 32 with STB Controller (controlling Sky+ box) and a Beocenter 2 in the lounge and have had for a number of years.  However, when considering a change from Sky I took a look in the 'Menu - Setup - Sources menu to see what other boxes were supported.

Whatever I did, here's the result!  I can place a CD in the Beocenter and it works fine, I can watch Sky absolutely fine.  However, try to play a DVD by pressing the 'DVD' button on the remote and absolutely nothing at all (likewise on the link TV's).   Going back to Menu-Setup-Sources I can find the DVD and change the source to 'Auto' and The DVD works absolutely fine but when pressing the SAT button this no longer works!  I can have either 1 or the other working!

When going into the Menu-Setup-Sources menu, changing Set Top Box to Auto changes all sources to the same.  Changing one to Auto changes them all to Auto.  I just cannot seem to break the cycle!

Any ideas what I have done???

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