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Eclipse Sound Center 55 ver1 and newer LG panels C9, CX, C1

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mrdiet Posted: Sat, Dec 4 2021 11:09 AM

Good day all, 

On my Beovision Eclipse 55 ver 1, the screen has cracked during transportation.

I have asked around but it is impossible to get a new BO 55 C7 panel from Bang Olufsen.

1. Is it possible to use a newer LG Oled 55 panel (C9, CX, C1) or I have to use a BO C7 panel?

2. Can a new LG panel(C9, CX, C1)  be attached directly to the SC 55 ver1?

3. Does the communication between SC 55 ver1 and LG (C9, CX, C1) panel work?

4. Can I use all functions. BEO speakers, PUC, motor control etc with newer LG panels(C9, CX, C1)?

Please give me your thoughts. Thanks in advanced

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As far as I am aware, unless things have changed very recently, the panels are still available from B&O as a spare part (just not the complete screen) - ask your dealer to put you in contact with their service partner if they don't have one in house. The circuit boards and rear casing will need to be transferred over from your existing screen. 

Alternatively, if you can find a used LG C7, it should be relatively straightforward to swap the control board and rear casing from your existing screen.

In theory, I see no reason why the later panels would not work (once the B&O LG app is installed on the screen), but mounting them on the mk1 soundcentre will be the issue as the casings are different and thus so is the machining on the top of the soundcentre.

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mrdiet replied on Sun, Dec 5 2021 12:50 PM

Thanks for the reply

Unfortunately, the whole screen went in the trash when it broke. So I have no parts left of it. I should have saved it, I understand now in retrospect.

So I need to buy a brand new oled C7 BO. And it no longer exists...

But if I can buy a newer screen, the backside of the screen will not be sewn because it is mounted on the wall.

The only question is whether the Eclipse soundcenter and the new screen communicate and everything works.

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