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BeoLab 3's vs BeoSound 1 Huge Sound Difference

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libor Posted: Fri, Dec 3 2021 4:05 PM

A month ago I bought a BS1 to replace my BL3's + Audiocast setup for kitchen listening. 
BS1 looks gorgeous, even my GF loves it (this is the first B&O product she likes and uses:), and is great for listening podcast and such.

I tried to find a place for my BL3's, but didn't and decided to sell it. When I was making a little video advert showing they work fine I tried just for fun to switch between BL3's and BS1 and was shocked how much better the BL3's sounded.

I know this is a little weird comparition, but hear me out.
Both are 2 way speakers, similar inner volume, similar bass drivers, both have acoustic lens.
But the sound difference is huge. Mainly overall clarity and midrange. Surprisingly BS1 has deeper bass, but BL3's control the bass much better. Bass is never overblown on BL3's, but quite often is on BS1.

BS1 sounds like if you throw a blanket on BL3's.

I even tried to test BS1 vs ONE BL3 - lonely BL3 still sounded much better. Also I tried to change EQ of BS1 in the app to sound closer to BL3 but no chance.

I guess BS1 didn't go through Mr. Geoff Martin's team:)

Short test is here: (It is only recoreded on iPhone's mic, so you are not gonna hear much)

Oh yes, if anyone is looking to buy BL3's in great condition, I have a pair.. And it sounds GREAT!:) 

Have a nice weekend.

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AdamS replied on Fri, Dec 3 2021 4:16 PM

Beolab 3s are active 2-way hi-fi loudspeakers featuring a proper tweeter and retailed for £2200 per pair when they were introduced in 2004

BeoSound 1 is a single wireless streaming loudspeaker featuring a woofer and an extended range driver that retailed for around £1000 when introduced.

Frankly, your conclusion isn't all that surprising, and I speak as a very happy BS1 owner, but not a BL3 owner............



......yet. Wink

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