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BeoLab 5 - two powerlinks inputs?

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libor posted on Fri, Dec 3 2021 2:48 PM


There are 2 PL connectors on each of my BL5. Are those both INPUTS?

If so, what happnes when I connect let's say Essence to PL1 (this is what I have now) and also connect BS 9000 to PL2 (just expample I know it would be better to connect 9000 digitally)

Question is what happens when I play BOTH (Essence and 9000) at the same time, does BL5 prioritize one inout over the second? Can I damage BL5 by playing both?

Thanks you.

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I believe you can connect both or daisy-chain one BL5 to another.

you can also connect the BS9000 with power link (volume signal) and a coax to BL5 digital in.


there will be limitations to the control of the sources. The BL5s won’t know which signal to play and will probably play both in a noisy mess. 

Essence (I’m rusty on this now) will activate to NMUSIC and NRADIO, the BS9000 for CD, RADIO. Thus, (and there are more knowledgeable people on this forum), I suspect the “best” way of doing it is to connect the Essence to the BS9000 via Aux?? for best balance on quality, control and sources??

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