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New to B&O. Advice on BeoLab 2 Subwoofer and Mk I Pentas

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Andre posted on Wed, Dec 1 2021 8:10 AM


I've recently come to own a BeoLab 2 sub, and Mk I Pentas, and have a few questions regarding integration into my existing system.

I'm using a pioneer receiver, which has multi zones, and these speakers will form part of the 5.1.2 arrangement, as well as being set up for music.

BeoLab 2

I've created a Powerlink to RCA with a USB tail for a trigger. Is this the best/only way to hook it up?



I've already searched quite a bit on these, and have got info on mid foam replacements (4 are no good), and one of the amps has a green LED, but wont play sound. What could be the issue here? Is it easier to seek a working power unit rather than attempt repair?

Connections: Is RCA from my amps pre line out into the Penta the best connection method?

Display: Can the display turn on without the B&O connections?

Volume: Does the amp control the volume via pre line outs? Or does the Pentas?

Ideally i'd like to keep them all together, rather than abandon the Penta amps...


All advice welcome. 


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Hallo Andre

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