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BeoMaster 900 RG compact

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lrolo posted on Sat, Mar 17 2012 6:26 PM

Hi there :)

I've recently bought a stunning BeoMaster sideboard off I've bought it as not working but as I arrived at home the radio mysteriously started to tune fine! It didn't last long (only a couple of days) but was enough to see its outstanding potencial!! The speakers work fine but now the radio only tunes a couple of stations and the sound is very low with no stereo :( Could the bumps during transport be the cause of the mysterious reborn?? Also the turnable doesn't turn in any speed (stylus seems fine).

I suspect these are very minor problems to solve and I really want to bring it to live again so I would appreciate if someone could recommend a trustworthy technician in East London area that understands the value of my treasure and treat it accordingly :)


Thank you so much!

Kind regards


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