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Can I play Beovision sound to Beoport without audio master?

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MJBeo posted on Mon, Oct 25 2021 1:24 PM

Hi everyone, trying to reuse old hardware, because I have it.

I am trying a small ML setup with just a Beovision 7-40 MK5 and an Beoport connected to my Mac. The are connected with Masterlink.

The goal is to hear the sound from the Beovision through the speakers connected to the Beoport.

I have installed BMLink on Mac and that works for listening to PC audio, but "DVD" command is ignored.

I have tried on a Windows PC with Beoport software, and then it was possible to listed to DVD audio on the speakers.

Alternative would be to buy a Beolink Active, but I like the fact that the Beoport automatically switches on when I log in, and I have it already.

Thank you in advance!

Beosound 5 Encore + BL14.4; Beosystem 5500; BV7-40 MKV + BL7.1 + AppleTV4 + Lintronic -23; various link rooms with MCL2 A or MCL2 A/V + RL60.2 / CX100 / CX50 & Cona / S45.2 / IWS2000; BG4000; Beosystem 1200 + BV1600.

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