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Sending music to Beolabs

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Chris Townsend
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Chris Townsend posted on Tue, Oct 19 2021 5:03 PM
I’ve always had a Beovision to send music etc to any Beolabs I’ve had. But living where I am they’re hard to get.

If I bought a pair of Beolab 3s, how would I send music to them from say an IPhone/IPad? What devices etc?

Thanks in advance

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If the BL3s are to be used in isolation, any of the following:

- Playmaker

- Essence Mk1

- Essence Mk2

- Core Mk1

- Core Mk2

- Apple Airport Express + BeoMaster/BeoCenter with Powerlink sockets

- Tibo box sold by Steve at SoundsHeavenly

And those are just the options for Powerlink.
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TWG replied on Mon, Oct 25 2021 7:05 AM

- Google Chromecast audio if you're on Android

- Yamaha WXC50 (Musiccast, Airplay, Bluetooth...)

- any Bluetooth Receiver (with Aptx support)

So, there are quite a few options for you to enjoy. :)


Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Sorry I don't sell the Tibo boxes.  I suggest purchasing either Apple Airport Express, Google Chromecast Audio, Audiocast M5, or any Bluetooth receiver for wireless music from your phone to the B&O speakers (sorry I don't sell these devices, only the cables!)

You can connect a pair of Beolab 3 speakers to any of these devices for wireless streaming from your phone using this cable:- 

Please set both speakers to "Line" mode using the small switch next to the input sockets.

Kind regards, Steve.


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