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Essence BLGW & multiroom

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MarKNL posted on Fri, Oct 15 2021 1:10 PM


Just play around with the BLGW and the Essence wheel but I don't get it to work, unfortunately. 
Guess I’m doing something wrong with the event because when I hit the ‘Fire’ the light do what they should be doing.

What I would like to do:

  1. Control the Hue light with the Essence wheel. I set the wheel in light mode (3 LED bright up if I’m correct), but there is no connection it seems. Do I need to do ore to set it on Light mode?
    also played with ‘Function 22’ as next button but also no response. Has anyone a example event line?
  2. When Home assistant or other, we have the possibility to add more items then at the moment supported drivers. Is it possible to add these into the resources and that they will show up in the BeoLiving app? In this case I can create an dashboard with an iPad so my wife can control thing as well 😊
  3. Possible to make a short press command for starting a fixed TuneIn station for both the M3 and Stage and long press for lights? Perhaps I am asking too much of the wheel now?

Thanks for your support!

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