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Can I use a different airplay subwoofer (Sonos Sub Gen 3) with bang and olufsen speakers over airplay?

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jacobh97 posted on Tue, Sep 28 2021 4:23 AM

I have a series of Bang and Olufsen speakers around my apartment including an A6, two Beosound Balance and an M5.  I want to pair them with an airplay subwoofer as this is the main way that I utilize the speakers.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether it is possible to use a Sonos Sub with these speakers over airplay?  If not does anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good option other than Beolab 19? (as the price is out of my budget at the moment for my current setup)



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Alas, the Sonos Sub only pairs with other Sonos devices, it does not support AirPlay by itself.  

The simplest way to get an AirPlay subwoofer is to buy an old AirPort Express 2nd-gen, and "any" subwoofer that can take line-level signals and has a low-pass filter built in. ( A new Belkin "Soundform" can substitute for the old AirPort Express.)  Unfortunately you must manipulate the user interface of your application to select both the subwoofer "zone" and the B&O speaker of your choice.  Such a multi-zone output is not guaranteed to be millisecond accurate syncing the two speakers, but it might be.  If you're searching for examples, try "airplay homepods with subwoofer" which probably has more people asking&answering on the internet.

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