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Beosound 9000 - Power drop

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BenSA posted on Thu, Sep 23 2021 9:40 AM



We had a bad power drop which has seemed to have caused a problem with one of my Beosound 9000's. It happened to be on when the drop happened. The lights flickered badly, everything went off and on again in a split second then off again for 10secs. 

The door motor is now behaving incorrectly. If I press to open the door the motor runs but nothing happens, if I press the button again the door will open. The motor will run again once the door is open or closed. The CD clamper now only runs at the slow speed as if the door is open. The sensors are still working. Also when you switch the unit off the motor runs again. 

Any idea of where to look first will be very helpful. 



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