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Correcting geometry and convergence problems

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finite9 posted on Wed, Sep 22 2021 7:16 PM



I bought a second hand Beocenter 1 and the picture looks... fuzzy.  And the geometry seems out.

I've got a Fight Club DVD with a THX calibration routine on it, so I go to the cross hatch image to check the geometry, and then i've gone into the service menu to play around with the settings.  The service manual says that V-SL, V-SC and EHT should not be changed, but on my set they were _way_ off the values that the service manual says they _must_ be set to (as in, vertical lines at the edge of the screen are like zig zag lines all the way down with EHT set to 38, and the vertical lines at the top curve off the top of the screen.  Even centre vertical is only just "ok").  So I set them according to the manual and went through the adjustment routine, and the picture was a mess.  I had to set EHT back to 0 to get some semblence of geometry back. So, question is;


Are there any guides out there for how to thouroghly fine tune geometry, and what issues can crop up during tuning and how to correct?

Can geometry get so bad that it just cannot be fixed?


Second issue is that i'm seeing fuzziness in the test images.  I know little about TV's but from what i've read, I suspect it might be a convergence problem, and I do think that I am seeing seperation of the phospher colours in the test images, but it doesn't seem convergence can be any way changed in the service menu.  I've had the cover off and discharged the anode it and given it a good vacuum and brush, and didn't notice any manual adjustment controls at the time.  It's been 15 years since I last had a CRT, and even though I am used to rock solid images on a HD plasma, I do not remember any CRT I owned as being fuzzy like this, with picture elements that visibly move a pixel or two on screen, shifting back and forth.  That's the test image at least.  When I connect a good DVD player with high quality SCART cable, image looks _rock solid_ and crisp.




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