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Feedback / Static issues

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Davidhawks posted on Tue, Sep 21 2021 3:13 PM

Hi there,

This community has been really helpful in helping me solve a recent issue so thought it worth trying with a more persistent problem!

I have a multiroom set-up based around a Beosound9000.  In each room there is low level interference that I think is caused by ethernet cables / internet based devices. It's annoying but manageable in most of the house but is really bad in a room that has a Beosound 3500 as the speaker.  Here, the problem spoils the listening experience entirely.

There is little in this room to cause the extra interference, however as the cabling is hidden in the walls there could be a proximity issue that I can't fully diagnose. Though this is largely an 'onsite' issue I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or insights. i.e.

Might it be that the BeoSound 3500 that is more sensitive or even damaged and therefore replacing it with another device could help?

When this kind of issue is present are there any rules of thumb about where it comes from i.e. ethernet cables / wifi enabled devices, issues in the source room versus the output rooms etc 

Any help greatly appreciated!




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